Fake Room Inspectors Scam

hotel room door opening

These scammers infest hotels, motels and buildings with rooms or apartments for rent. They pretend to have some sort of authority to drive you out of the room, get in and rob you.

The likelihood of them showing up at your door depends a lot on the country you’re visiting and your accommodation.

1) How it works

Without any warning, someone might knock on your room or apartment door.

It could be one or more individuals who introduce themselves as the hotel room inspectors, generic establishment staff or even police officers.

They might tell you to open the door and order you to go out because they must check or search the room or your stuff alleging reasons and excuses.

2) What you risk

They will then take advantage of your absence or distraction to steal anything of value they can find and grab.

3) How to avoid it

Don’t let people into your room if you weren’t expecting them.

If these “inspectors” or any staff member show up, you should check before opening the door and let them in. Call the reception deck of the hotel or the landlord for confirmation.

In the unlikely event that even checking with the managers seems to give a positive result, however, don’t leave those people alone with your stuff.

If any alleged problem seems serious enough to force you to leave the room, ask to be transferred to another, even temporarily, with your belongings.

4) Extras and Thoughts

As you may have noticed, I purposely ignored the scenario where scammers pose as police officers. 

This is because, beyond any advice on how to try to recognize a phony law enforcer, Tourist Scams cannot take responsibility, both legal and moral, for any dynamics of your future interactions with local police officers.

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